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Linking Cultures

District TT is a uniquely branded magazine styled radio & television platform which gears towards a young, urban demographic.This service is a massive communication product that aims to provide a new media platform for local entrepreneurs, also extending regionally & internationally. Artiste & entrepreneurs are invited to feature their talent so that the listening & viewing audience can engage with the talent provided by the artist or entrepreneurs.

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District TT was launched in January 2017 to an eager & now ,increasing audience. The Show’s format allows for a very interactive experience that artist can showcase their talent & interact with listeners & viewers. There is the opportunity to phone-in questions & comments in the traditional sense as well as participate in the active live stream.

Guest are usually anxious to appear on this program platform since it attracts an organic audience of persons who are truly appreciative of local content. The guests are also given the freedom to engage in passionate discussions regarding their talent, the industry & society at large. This unrestrictive atmosphere, gives the audience access to aspects of the artiste that is often a rarity.

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